Product Catalog

Kinetik offers natually active and functional ingredients of the highest quality to customers through our extensive technical and commercial background.

Thickeners & Gellants

The demand for unique textures can often challenge even the experienced formulator. Rheological modifiers, thickeners and gellants are employed to create novel product types. Let Kinetik help you choose the best thickener or gellant to achieve your desired product form.

Trade Name Category Description Supplier
Sucragel CF Oil Gellants Emulsifier and oil thickener for esters and non-polar oils. Alchemy
Sucragel AOF Oil Gellants Emulsifier and oil thickener for vegetable oils. Alchemy
Sucragel AOF BIO Oil Gellants Natural, sugar derived oil gellant for use with vegetable oils. Certified by the Organic Soil Association. Alchemy
Sucragel AP V2 Oil Gellants All Purpose, emulsifier and oil thickener vegetable oils, non-polar oils, esters and sunfilters. Alchemy
Dermofeel® G 5 O Oil Gellants Natural vegetable emulsifier for oil gels (HLB ~11.5). Dr. Straetmans
Dermofeel® viscolid Oil Gellants Easy-to-use, natural oil gellant. Creates highly viscous or soft solid oil phases without losing the sensorial profile of the oil. Can be used to thicken W/O emulsions, providing a soft creamy texture. Dr. Straetmans
Dermofeel® viscolid palm oil free Oil Gellants Easy-to-use, natural oil gellant from rapeseed oil. Dr. Straetmans
Sucrabase C Oil Gel Bases Ready-to-use cosmetic gel base. Crystal clear, premium grade. Alchemy
Sucrabase SF Oil Gel Bases Ready-to-use cosmetic gel base. 100% natural, based on vegetable oil. Alchemy
Sucrabase SF BIO Oil Gel Bases Ready-to-use cosmetic gel base. 98.3% organically certified grade. Alchemy
Emulpharma® 2EM Thickeners Rheological modifier for personal care. Thickens at low use level. Res Pharma
Sucraclear HC-31 Thickeners Natural thickener that creates transparent, aqueous gels. Alchemy
Sucrathix VX Thickeners A natural rheology modifier for emulsion and surfactant systems. Creates shear thinning emulsions with excellent spreadability. Alchemy